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How is the product applied?

The product should be sprayed directly on the affected area. A small amount goes a long way. Remember to shake the bottle before each use.

How much do I use?

Enough spray should be used to cover the affected area. Excess spray can either be rubbed into the skin around the affected area or wiped off.

Does the wound need to be bandaged?

No, the wound does not need to be bandaged.

Why doesn’t a normal scab form?

The spray heals a wound from the inside out. Therefore, you generally will not see a scab form. In fact, the wound may have a moist appearance rather than the dry scab most people are used to seeing.

What does transdermal mean?

Transdermal means that it penetrates the outer layer of the skin, which allows the other ingredients to reach deeper than just the skin’s surface.

Does it hurt if my pet licks the area after I’ve sprayed K-9 companion?

No. A small amount of spray licked from a wound isn’t harmful to your pet. However, because K-9 Companion is a transdermal treatment, do allow the spray to penetrate on the treated area for a few seconds before it is disturbed or licked. Just that short amount of time will be sufficient for the treated area to receive full benefits of our formula even if your pet licks off any of the remaining spray afterward.

Can I use K-9 Companion on an incision before the stitches are removed?

It is recommended that you wait until the stitches are removed. If staples are used, then the spray can be applied before they are removed.

Will EpiThera help the itching from poison ivy?

Yes. However, because of the nature of poison ivy (and like plants), we have found that TopicAid for Equines actually provides better relief. TopicAid or Epithera can also be used around the area to reduce swelling.

Why can’t I use other products when I use TopicAid, K-9 Companion or EpiThera?  

Since our products are all transdermal, they absorb more deeply into the skin. Since other products may be absorbed as well, complications may occur due to the absorption of both our products and others you might be using.