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Combining the new technology of emu oil with traditionalgermicidal ingredients to help soothe, heal, fight infectionand reduce scarring

$15.95 4 FL. OZ.



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K-9 Companion®


Partnering the newly appreciated effects of emu oil withtraditional anti-bacterial ingredients to help soothe, healand maintain the special skin care needs of canines.

$15.95 2 FL. OZ.


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A topically applied spray treatment for cuts, wounds, abrasions, surgical incisions, insect bites, bacterialand fungal infections, and other dermatological conditions.

$15.95 2 FL. OZ.

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Emu oil is used as an anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory effect from emu oil is similar to ibuprofen with the negative side effects frequently common with traditional and anti-inflammatory medications.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil, our products also have the added benefits of being transdermal, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, analgesic, and antipuretic (relieves itching). Emu oil contains approximately 63% natural iodine.